Window Coffee Bar to Open in Coronado Historic District


Photo courtesy of Window Coffee Bar.

Phoenix’s newest coffee shop, Window Coffee Bar, lives up to its name. With only 120 square feet to work with inside of the building, co-owners Marcus Sanchez and Homero Medrano decided the best use of the space was to cut out a space in the wall and install a window for customers to order from that faces a shared, open-air courtyard. Window Coffee Bar’s window will open for a soft launch of the shop on Saturday, May 1, with a grand opening scheduled for Saturday, May 15.

The shop is located in HIVE, an art studio complex in the Coronado Historic District. The complex is a place where emerging artists can rent out studio spaces in the complex to create, show and sell art. Sanchez believes that Window Coffee Bar will thrive in the artsy and eclectic neighborhood, and once the shop is off the ground, plans to hold events to give back to the community.

“We’re hoping we can gain the support of the neighborhood and make an authentic connection with people,” Sanchez says.

The shared courtyard that Window Coffee Bar overlooks is outfitted with tables, chairs and canvas canopies to provide shade. To beat the summer heat, the shop will be open earlier in the day from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sanchez anticipates the need to continue social distancing throughout the summer will make the courtyard a popular place.

“Everyone who comes here is like ‘Oh my gosh, it’s such a cool place,’” Sanchez says. “It has a really good energy and magic to it.”

Window Coffee Bar’s products are made and served with quality in mind. The shop will serve brewed and iced coffee, espresso drinks and non-coffee drinks like matcha lattes and Italian sodas. All of the coffee beans and syrups used in drinks are organic. 

Baked goods served at the shop are sourced from local bakeries like Süss Pastries and Noble Bread. One highlight on the menu is pop tarts from Süss Pastries that are unlike any you had for breakfast as a kid, with flavors like raspberry prickly pear, strawberry hibiscus and blueberry lime. The shop will also serve avocado toast made with Noble Bread’s sourdough, gluten-free muffins from Noble Bread and a vegan pop tart from Süss Pastries.

Sanchez sees Window Coffee Bar as a break from the corporate coffee shops like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and Dutch Bros Coffee found around the city.

“There are only a handful of well-known independent shops [in Phoenix],” Sanchez says. “The ones that do pop up are popular because they’re different and unique.”

After Friday’s soft opening, Window Coffee Bar will in open again on Friday, May 7 as a part of First Friday.

Window Coffee Bar’s grand opening is on Saturday, May 15 from 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Stay up to date with Window Coffee Bar announcements at and follow @windowcoffeebar on Instagram.

Window Coffee Bar: 2222 N 16th St. Suite #6, Phoenix, AZ; // @windowcoffeebar

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