PHX Fray

A Nebraska kid living the dream in PHX trying to bring positivity, happiness, and fun to every person he meets! Nathan loves exploring new places, meeting new people, and playing with all the dogs!

Nathan Blaha

City Commissioner

Just adding some Minnesota nice to the DMV for the past 13 months and counting. A recent 2016 graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse learning the ways of the east coast day by day.


Sports Manager

Native Arizonan. Self proclaimed Karaoke queen. Val brings the social aspect to every league and event she attends. Excels in bar sports and suffers from serious FOMO, leading to many late nights and early mornings

Valerie Gilbert

Customer Engagement

United Fray

Part-time bad softball pitcher, part-time CEO, he started this crazy adventure in 09 with skee ball leagues! If he's not at the office or on the field, you'll find him spending time with his wife & two kids!

Robert Kinsler

Founder & CEO

Originally, from the Boston area (GO PATS!), Brittany is the DC Fray permit guru. Along with Brittany comes her pup Wally, who from time to time can be spotted working down at the National Mall.

Brittany Rheault

Director of Sports Operations

A resident of DC for over 11 years now, enjoying the new neighborhood life in Parkview with the best coffee and bagels around. Outside of creating new experiences for clients and participants, Martin enjoyed traveling the globe generating new ideas to bring back to use on the next event.

Martin C. Espinoza

Senior Director of Events

Erin was born in Maryland, raised in Virginia, and is now working in DC. She loves to travel, watch baseball (Go Nats!), and will listen to Christmas music no matter what time of the year it is.

Erin Hessler

Marketing Coordinator

Kentucky born and bred, bourbon enthusiast, and proud dog dad. Kentucky Wildcat fanatic, loves the outdoors, live music, spicy food, sneaky good at trivia #Catsby90

Seth Peters

Partnerships Manager

New Hampshire born and raised “Live Free or Die”! Diving into the DC culture while spreading some Boston sports love and a weird Disney obsession! Always on the Lookout for a good time and New Adventures!

Joey Irvine

Head of Corporate Relations

Jenna was born and raised in California. She recently moved to the DMV and is feeling cold for the first time in her life. She’s currently working on her jump shot, eagle pose, and convincing her roommates to get a puppy.

Jenna Catalon

Social Media Coordinator

Moved from France after college. Lover of bread, wine and cheese. Globe Trotter....When I am not planning fun events, I am organizing my next backpacking trip!

Sandrika Berthias

Event Manager

Too cool for bio...

Anthony Towey

Head of Media Operations

Daughter of DC #PetParent. Will gladly dive into your natal chart. Wakes up to write when the rest of the world sleeps.

Maliaka Mealy

Event Coordinator

Marie loves being a part of the DC Fray team!! She is actively involved in her church ministries, such as choir and dance. She resides in Laurel, Maryland close to her daughter and two grandchildren.

Marie Wilkins

Administrative Coordinator