PHX Fray

A Nebraska kid living the dream in PHX trying to bring positivity, happiness, and fun to every person he meets! Nathan loves exploring new places, meeting new people, and playing with all the dogs!

Nathan Blaha

City Commissioner

United Fray

Part-time bad softball pitcher, part-time CEO, he started this crazy adventure in 09 with skee ball leagues! If he's not at the office or on the field, you'll find him spending time with his wife & two kids!

Robert Kinsler

Founder & CEO

Passionate about fun, fitness & travel. Happiest when dancing, doing yoga, in the sunshine or at the beach. Daring everyone to live a life they love #nevergrowup

Kristen Sargent

Director of Strategy & Growth

Born and raised #JerseyShore. Centers the marketing line. Off hours you can find him surfside, in the kitchen or finding live music. His playoff beard exists all season, and it’s always in season.

Jay Waxberg

Marketing & Comms Manager

Known throughout the DMV for casting visual spellz. Known in the office as Bill. Bill likes sports, watered down beer, and mid 90's German coupes. He drinks his coffee black. There is no other option.

Moultrie “Bill” Tisdale

Jr. Brand Designer