PHX Fray

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Go Pack Go! Of course, I love cheese also love to travel, eat, and laugh. Don't tell me where you want to go, because I will have our trip booked and bags packed by EOD.

Hilary Neste

City Commissioner

United Fray

Making fun possible one skeeball league and paragliding flight at a time. Blessed to be in the business of creating fun and deeply grateful for his team at Fray. #fraylife

Robert Kinsler

Founder, Publisher & CEO

A resident of DC for over 11 years now, enjoying the new neighborhood life in Parkview with the best coffee and bagels around. Outside of creating new experiences for clients and participants, Martin enjoyed traveling the globe generating new ideas to bring back to use on the next event.

Martin C. Espinoza


Originally from the Boston area (GO PATS!), Britt is here to Make Fun Possible! Along with Britt comes her pup Kennedy, who, from time to time, can be spotted working Fray events in our various cities.

Brittany Rheault

Chief Operating Officer

Originally from Delaware, the first state. Here to Make Fun Possible, one dad joke at a time. I Love sports, The Philadelphia Eagles (Fly Eagles Fly!), and making people laugh. #Fraylife is where it's at!

Liz Wise

Business Manager

Comes to DC by way of Michigan -> Napoli -> Istanbul • Loves brownies, Turkish breakfast, cats, and road trips •

Rhiannon Ülgen

Permits Manager

Born and raised in NC | Dad to Coco (Cat) & Frank (Dog) | Passionate about progressive issues (race, power, privilege, education, LGBTIQ rights) | "semi-pro" kickball player hahah | 13 years in hospitality | Family = Friends | EXTROVERT

William Dennis

Senior Operations Manager

NY born and raised! Stuck in the 90s-2000s: frequent concert goer, softballer, NY Giants and NY Islanders lover. #vanillagorilla4lyfe

Mitchell Kenigsberg

Customer Experience

Born in Norfolk VA/ BFA in Photo/ HorseGirl/ Manager+Curator of UHAULED Dyke Gallery/ Avid Rugby Player/Passionate about Agriculture+Local Food/ Current Broken Bone Count: 0/ They/Them

Cat Baker

Customer Experience Coordinator

Born and raised in DC. Caps, Nats, Commanders are my teams. Love to ski, longboard, toss bags, and build legos!

Jack Von Kannon

Operations Coordinator

Came to the DC area from Houston, TX. Able to watch almost any sporting event and be completely entertained. Houston Astros fanatic, coffee enthusiast, and enjoyer of spontaneous adventure. 

Owen Wilson

Operations Coordinator

Cam Estelle

Staffing Coordinator

Here to heal, help, and build bridges within communities, where individuals are better connected to themselves and one another. Making Fun Possible one immersive experience at a time.

Crishon “CRōME” Jerome

Event & Experience Manager

Will never run out of ideas but will consistently fall just short in bocce playoffs. The #FrayFam is where I am.

Dave Rosenzweig

Deputy Director, Marketing

Captain of a 3x Toilet Bowl Championship-winning skeeball team. Creator and project manager of all things content for Fray. Dog mom, travel enthusiast, concert connoisseur.

Amber Lamb

Marketing Associate

Leesburg, VA / Washington, DC / Charlotte, NC • Lover of design + art! • Avid thrifter, amateur fitness enthusiast, occasional bar-dweller, full-time redhead.

Kellie Rust

Marketing Specialist

Grew up in Sharon MA // Diehard Yankees and Patriots fan // Tournament Guru // Baseball and Ultimate Frisbee Player // Music enthusiast // Proud Jew // Statistics Nerd

Zev Traum

Strategy Coordinator

A father of two beautiful girls, husband of an amazing, supportive wife. Happiest when he is with his family and friends at the beach, playing sports or just being outside. Believes Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom of all time.

Tom Roth

Key Account Manager

Quentin Shank

Sales Manager

Livin life to the fullest by making fun possible! Lover of all sports. Rob Gronkowski is my hero.

Mackenzie Farber

Account Executive