Three Cheers for Fall Beers! Check Out These Festive Favorites From Around Phoenix



The weather is finally moving toward decent temperatures, which means patio season is in full swing again! You know what pairs perfectly with sitting on a patio in the fall? A seasonal (or maybe not-so-seasonal!), locally brewed beer. We at Phx Fray consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of many different drinks, but especially the beer scene around Phoenix.

So, if you’re looking to get out there in your sweater, scarf and boots (or maybe still flip flops, shorts and a tank) to enjoy an autumn evening and kick a couple back, we’re right there with you. Take a look at the list of must-try beers this season and let us know if you end up loving them as much as we do!

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First up, we’ve got a fall favorite. Every year around this time, San Tan Brewing Company brings back their Oktoberfest Lager. Packed with a caramel and spice, this malty brew is perfect for a crisp fall day on the patio at San Tan. Head to either one of their Uptown Phoenix or Chandler locations to try this one!

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Next up, we have to visit the reason for the season. The Pumpkin Porter by Four Peaks! One of our favorite bars anyway, Four Peaks really outdoes themselves with the Pumpkin Porter. Semi-famous around these parts among beer lovers, it’s an early Fall beer that’s rich, smooth and super dark. Though it tends to sell out quite quickly, the Pumpkin Porter can be found in grocery stores and beer retailers around the area to gear you up for the coming holiday season.

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Head on over to Scottsdale Beer Company for an American-style stout. The Triple Texas Tea Double Chocolate Imperial Stout isn’t just a mouthful to say, this one is plum full of notes of both chocolate and tea. A lot of flavor, and definitely one for the true beer lover, this one is an extremely dark pour, that we give a 10/10! You won’t regret ordering this sweet, chocolate-y flavor bomb.

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With multiple locations around the valley, we absolutely recommend hitting up OHSO Brewery and Distillery. It’s got some amazing food, a great atmosphere and even is dog-friendly. With that, comes some equally awesome beers. One of our personal favorites, is the Lost Viking. Available year-round, this Baltic Porter is smooth and extra dark. So many flavors come together to make this a must-have, and we think you should head over there and try this 7.7% ABV for yourself!

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Another year-round pour, the Barkley’s Peanut Butter Cup Porter by Uncle Bear’s Brewery is a can’t-miss. This dark beer is unlike really any other we’ve tasted. Close your eyes, sip it nice and slow, and you might just be able to think you’re biting into a Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin instead. We’re serious – it’s that good. At 5.4% ABV, it’s not too heavy, which means you should probably have more than one.

The beer scene around the valley changes by the season, and while some of these beers mentioned above are available year-round, there’s nothing quite like being able to finally dig out that flannel and those boots to head out for a beer on a “chilly” patio. Yes, “chilly” to us is now 70 degrees, but who’s counting?

Kick off the fall season with one (or several) of these brews perfect for the time of year and continue relishing in this amazing place we call home.

Be sure to snap a few pics enjoying your fall favorites, and tag us if you’ve enjoyed some of our recommendations. Still looking for a few brews to satisfy your thirst? Check out our article on local IPA’s to find your new favorite!

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