Postgame: Where Fun Meets Wellness

In the world of entrepreneurship, innovation often stems from a simple question: “Why not?” For Kam Khoshneviss, founder of Postgame Electrolyte Seltzer, that question ignited a journey he envisions will reshape the landscape of enjoyment and balance. In an exclusive interview, we explored the inspiration, mission, and future aspirations of the D.C.-based brand.

A Beachside Epiphany

Postgame’s journey began on a sunny July 4th, 2020, as Khoshneviss contemplated the fusion of electrolytes and alcohol during a beach outing with friends. As a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, Kam grappled with the challenge of balancing mindful consumption with a health-conscious lifestyle. Trying to get ahead of the hangover the next day, he was mixing electrolytes in with each sip of hard seltzer, leading to a moment of clarity: Why not just put this all in one can for convenience? With a vision to redefine the drinking experience, Kam embarked on a four-year journey of experimentation and formulation. This culminated in a unique blend, distinguishing itself from anything else on the market.

Crafting the Perfect Blend

Postgame was meticulously crafted to “Keep the momentum going,” boasting a blend of unique flavors for a fun and responsible drinking experience. After careful formulation and testing, the ideal result emerged—a variety of electrolyte-infused hard seltzers available in refreshing flavors like strawberry basil, mango pineapple, grapefruit ginger, and cucumber mint. “Postgame is just all of those electrolyte drinks you chugged to try to dodge hangovers, only with way less sugar, all in one can of hard seltzer.”

Balancing Enjoyment and Making Fun Possible

Balance and moderation are at the center of Postgame’s values, echoing PHX Fray’s mission to ‘make fun possible’. “We’re on a mission to make responsible drinking the new cool,” Kam stresses. By promoting a lifestyle where fun and wellness intersect, Postgame encourages individuals to savor moments of indulgence while prioritizing their wellbeing. Through meaningful collaborations and active participation in the community, Postgame seeks to contribute to a cultural shift towards responsible consumption, aiming to make it not just accepted but desirable.

Science Meets Satisfaction

Testimonials from satisfied customers affirm Postgame’s role in maintaining balance and responsibility throughout and after drinking, ensuring a fresh start the next day. “It’s not magic,” Kam chuckles, “just science at work. I’ve had so many texts from people the next day after drinking Postgame that just told me, ‘I feel great.’”

Expansion and Future Prospects

With sales rising and explosive growth already underway, Postgame is poised to expand its influence far beyond the nation’s capital.  “We’re just scratching the surface,” Kam enthuses. “With plans to venture into warmer climates and fitness-centric communities nationwide, Postgame is primed for success.” 

Join the Movement

To explore the mission behind Postgame and embrace a balanced approach to drinking, visit Consider incorporating Postgame into your post-event routines for a blend of enjoyment and well-being. You can order Postgame Electrolyte Seltzers online for delivery anywhere in the US through UberEats and Instacart or at

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