Fun Places in Phx You Can Sweat it Out without Hitting the Gym



There’s no shortage of gyms in the Phoenix area. Phoenix routinely nears the top of the list when it comes to fit cities, thanks to the likes of gym franchises such as Mountainside Fitness, Life Time Fitness and LA Fitness.

These gyms are chock-full of weight rooms, cardio machines and daily classes made to make you sweat and drop those extra pounds. Still, the daily grind of the gym can take its toll. After all, who doesn’t get tired of the monotony of the treadmill or the spin instructor?

Looking for a fun new workout? You’ve come to the right place. The following list includes some of the best ways to get your sweat on without hitting the gym. Check out our favorite ways to stay motivated and have fun while exercising.


  1. Kayak on Tempe Town Lake 

Let’s face it: there aren’t many water activities in the middle of the desert. Water sightings may be few and far between in Phoenix, but you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy some aquatic fun.

Tempe Town Lake is more than just an ASU landmark. It’s also a great place to kayak. This two-mile-long lake is located in the heart of Tempe and is surrounded by parks, running trails and cycling opportunities. You can cool off from the hot Valley sun by taking a leisurely kayak tour of the lake. Boats4Rent sells single- and double-kayak rentals for one or two hours. Prices range from $25 to $60, but it’s well worth it for the shoulder workout alone.

#FrayLife Tip: Rentals are available seven days per week from 10a.m.–5 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m.–7 p.m. on weekends. Hours may vary depending on weather and special events, so be sure to call ahead.


  1. Rock Climb at Climbmax


Arizona’s largest rock gym is located right in your backyard. Climbmax is a two-story Tempe climbing arena with a mix of bouldering, rope routes, and lead climbing options for all skill levels.

Set in a spacious and, yes, air-conditioned facility, Climbmax offers you a unique and challenging workout that will push your entire body to the limit. The climbing area includes over 150 different rope routes to go with 45 sport climbing routes and 180 bouldering wall features. It also offers belay certification lessons and climbing lessons to help you fine-tune your skills and reach the top of the wall in no time.


Day passes are $21 with gear rental, but discounts are available through memberships and multiple-visit sign-ups. You’re sure to feel sore after a day of climbing, but it’s a small price to pay for those new and improved biceps and forearms.


  1. Take a Circus Class at Circus School of Arizona


Have you ever thought about walking a tightrope or flying on the trapeze? You can get your chance at Circus School of Arizona in Scottsdale.


Circus School of Arizona will introduce you to various circus skills and apparatuses such as silks, lyra, hammocks, trapeze, rolling-globe walking and more. While you may not be ready for Cirque du Soleil, these classes provide great upper-body, lower-body and core training.


The group classes focus on mixed aerial aerobics ranging from beginner-level skills to complex activities such as inversions, pull-ups and pullovers. It also has classes focusing on aerial silks for an intensive full-body experience. Classes run from 60 to 90 minutes and cost anywhere from $20 to $40.

  1. Get Physical at Arizona Combat Sports


Now this is a workout that packs a serious punch. Arizona Combat Sports lets you train like a professional MMA fighter thanks to its challenging mix of martial arts classes. Its world-class instructors have helped produce some of the top fighters in Arizona.


This one-stop shop provides full-body workouts through mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling and Muay Thai kickboxing. These intense cardio workouts are designed to help you lose weight and build strength while developing some serious self-defense knowledge. Don’t worry if you’ve never thrown a punch. Arizona Combat Sports helps many beginners learn the intricacies of stand-up combat. This Tempe hot spot is the total package for anyone looking to destress and sweat.

#FrayLife Tip: Arizona Combat Sports is located less than a mile from the ASU campus. It has discounts for students, military and first responders. Call its team for pricing info.


  1. Try Outdoor Yoga at Desert Song Healing Arts Center

You don’t need to go indoors for some hot yoga in Phoenix. Make a trip to Desert Song Healing Arts Center instead. This popular yoga spot offers over 50 different classes centered around yoga, tai chi and meditation.

Want to know the best part? Its new center includes an indoor/outdoor space so you can enjoy the Arizona sunshine while working out. Classes include a mix of basic and advanced techniques. This yoga center focuses on healing of the body and spirit, so you can recover after those tiring trips to the gym. Rates start at $12 for individual classes or $80 for bundled class packages. Check out its daily class schedule for information on classes for all levels.



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