Seven Droolworthy Pasta Dishes in Phoenix



Pasta is basically a cure-all for everything. Special occasion? Pasta. Breakup? Pasta. Need to feed your vegan friend? Also, pasta. Plus, you don’t have to ask us twice, when it comes to carbs. 


While it’s hard to go wrong with pasta, there are definitely a few plates that stand out, so we’re here to share our top favorites in the hopes that you are equally comforted by these warm, drool-worthy dishes. 


Alaskan King Crab Truffle Gnocchi 

Mastro’s City Hall

There’s no such thing as a bad menu item at Mastro’s, but while you might have been distracted by the filet, lobster or infamous butter cake, you’ve definitely been missing out on this rich, pasta dish, that makes for an unforgettable side or that could even pass as a main course. It brings together the best of both worlds — seafood with the crab and pasta with the gnocchi, all while being elevated with the delicious truffle flavor. 


Short Rib Agnolotti

Hearth ‘61

If you’re not already acquainted with agnolotti, it’s like ravioli’s cooler, meaty cousin, and we can’t get enough. Especially when it’s this handmade, short rib filled version with thyme, horseradish and crème fraiche, all topped with toasted breadcrumbs for extra crunch (and carbs).


Carbonara Lo Mein

Little Rituals 

This brand new cocktail bar has already made a splash in Phoenix dining scene, and not just for it’s drinks. Its food its gaining equal recognition, especially this Asian inspired take on carbonara, which features egg noodles, sichuan peppercorn, pecorino, white soy, scallion, sunny egg, truffle panko and crispy speck, served with the bread of all breads — grilled noble bread.   


Pasta Pomodoro

Mora Italian 

Celebrity Chef Scott Conant changed Italian food in the Valley forever with the launch of Mora Italian, and we’re never looking back. The restaurant’s signature Pasta Pomodoro is a must-try for every pasta lover thanks to its simple but powerful combination of homemade pasta, tomato blend, and basil. 



Clams in Wine Sauce with Linguine 


I think we can all agree that us Arizonans don’t eat nearly enough clams, but this delicious, buttery dish from Old Town Scottsdale hotspot, the Dorian, is about to change all that. The dish features fresh clams flavored with roasted garlic, chopped shallots, crushed red pepper and basil on a bed of linguine and topped with parmesan cheese. 


Green Chili Mac and Cheese

Roaring Fork

No pasta roundup could be complete without a great macaroni and cheese, and this signature dish from Roaring Fork is the perfect southwest version of the classic pasta. The cheesy, decadent pasta gets its extra pick from poblano chilies, red bell peppers, onion, garlic and creamy pepper jack cheese. 


Lucca’s Pesto Penne

Kelly’s at Southbridge

A great pesto sauce can elevate any pasta (or any food, really, if you ask us) from great to knock your socks off amazing. This version is a housemade, creamy pine nut pesto that pairs perfectly with its penne pasta, tomato, grilled chicken and a generous topping of parmesan cheese. 


Any tasty pasta dishes we missed? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to tag us in your photos using #PHXFray and #FrayLife

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