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Arizona is known for a lot of things: the Grand Canyon, baseball spring training, and sweltering summer heat, to name a few. But really good Mexican food might be our largest claim to fame as our southern neighbors have brought us countless food stands, authentic restaurants, and amazing cuisine.

You may not have the time, but we’ve scoured metropolitan Phoenix in search for the holy grail of Mexican food: the best burrito. We’ll spare you the gory details of our high-caloric quest for greatness and will jump straight in to the results for the best burritos in town.

Here are 4 #FrayLife favorites:

The Arizona Burrito – Barrio Queen

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

On the surface, Barrio Queen looks like any other Mexican food spot in Scottsdale. The interior is filled with kitsch dia de los muertos decor and oversized margaritas. That is until you try the food. The Arizona burrito is love at first bite. This massive (and we mean massive) burrito was oozing melted Oaxaca cheese, green sauce, crema fresca and slow-cooked pork. The Arizona Burrito strikes the perfect balance of having authentic Mexican ingredients and ridiculously large American portions.

The Carne Asada “505 Style” – Frank & Lupe’s

Photo Credit: *NEEDS CREDIT*

Arizonans give New Mexico a bad wrap. We often liken our neighbors to the east as nothing more than a bunch of hot air balloon riding, Breaking Bad obsessed heathens. But there’s no denying the appeal of New Mexico’s finest export: green chile, and you can get a healthy dose of it by making a trip to Frank and Lupe’s. This Old Town restaurant is run by a Mexican family who also operate a restaurant in New Mexico. You can get plenty of dishes topped in New Mexico’s signature sauce, but our personal favorite is the Carne Asada “505 style.” The tender beef is smothered in poblano and New Mexican red chile. The fried egg is the coup de grace on a seriously tasty burrito.

The Red Chili Burrito – El Norteno

Photo Credit: *NEEDS CREDIT*

Yes, sit down restaurants are great. But you know what’s even better (especially when it comes to Mexican)? Divey hole-in-the-walls. Sometimes, you just want to chow down on a questionable burrito free of judgment or consequences, and if that’s your style, you’ll love El Norteno. This tiny, downtown Phoenix restaurant checks all the boxes of an authentic Mexican spot.

Limited seating? Check. Cash-only? Check. Amazingly delicious food? You bet. Their red chili burrito is a mouthwatering combination of meat, cheese, onion, and magical red sauce. The truly bold can opt for a side of carne asada fries. Forget about the chest pains and embrace your inner glutton.

The Breakfast Burrito – Filiberto’s

Photo Credit: Will Search For Food

We already talked about Filiberto’s appeal as a late night food spot (link to previous article when available). But Filiberto’s is a place to give into your innermost desires any time of day. We finished our city-wide quest with a pitstop to the authentic, grease filled kitchen of Filly B’s. Their guac, carne asada, and salsa have long been the lore of local legend, however, going with the Chorizo breakfast burrito is a bold choice always worth considering. No frills here. Just a glorious mash of egg, chorizo, and cheese.

#FrayLife Tip: If you’re truly looking to chow down, order your breakfast burrito California style. It comes with a generous serving of french fries loaded right into your tortilla. You’re welcome.

Do you know of an awesome burrito that didn’t make our list? Leave a comment letting us know, or better yet, take a picture of your favorite burrito and tag it on social using #FrayLife.

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