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PHX Fray has done our fair share of spending time in the heat. We love finding water in the area, cool places to escape the scorching temperatures and all that jazz – but guess what else we love? The fact that just a short hour and a half car ride away, your paradise awaits!

That’s right, friends. Pine, Arizona is that place you’re going to visit once and not want to leave. This place has got it all, and we can’t wait to dive deep into all it has to offer.


First up, Lodging.

The great part about Pine is how many unique vacation rentals are available. Whether you’re looking to stay within city limits or if you’re more into the rugged feel of the outskirts, Pine will definitely have what you’re looking for. Check Airbnb for last minute deals or to book ahead if you know you’re getting a large group together. There’s truly nothing more fun than grabbing a group of friends, taking over a cabin for the night and playing drinking games around a campfire!


Follow it with Things To Do.

Photo Credit: Red Rock Lavender

Pine is what we would consider to be one of Arizona’s “best-kept secrets.” It’s got all the quirky, interesting things that you wouldn’t really think existed in our great state.

For instance, who knew Arizona was home to a beautiful lavender farm? That’s right – waltz on over to Pine Creek Lavender Farms for your tour of the farm. Breathtaking views and smells await you. Don’t forget to stop at the gift store on your way out. It’s good for the soul!

Another one of those hole in the wall places you would never expect to be tucked away in Pine – Trident Winery. This place is chock full of great wines, friendly staff, and a charming atmosphere to boot.

We can’t let you leave without stopping by the Pine-Strawberry Historical Schoolhouse. Ever watch Little House on the Prairie? This schoolhouse dates back to even before that. Built in 1885, even groups with an extreme lack of interest in history will find this place ideal for photo-ops and conversation. It’s the oldest standing one-room schoolhouse in the state – hashtag that!


How could we forget Nature?

Photo Credit: Arizona State Park

The answer is, we can’t. The scenery, hikes, and mountain scenery of Pine are what truly brings it all together for us. The views are honestly incredible and so Insta-worthy, you won’t know which ones to post. If you’re looking for hikes (challenging or not-so-much), Pine can easily fill your itinerary. Fossil Springs Trail Head, Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, and the Verde Hot Springs are just some of our favorites.


#FrayLife Tip: Mosey on over to Waterfall Trail and wade on into the clear, baby blue water. You’re sure to see wildlife, and the opportunity to cool down isn’t so bad either!

Truly, what’s not to love about a 20-30 degree drop in temperatures and a population just over 2,300? Let this quaint, cute city be your next getaway, and be prepared to never want to leave.

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