Everything You Need to Know about The Most Fun Day of the Year – PHX Field Day!



If field day was your favorite part of elementary school P.E., you won’t want to miss PHX Field Day – just like your favorite day of the year as a kid, but reworked for grown-ups. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, February 15, with some awesome new additions and surprises this year. 

If you’re on the fence – or if you have your team ready to go and just want to know all about this throwback event – keep reading for all you need to know to either get ahead of the game or to convince you to snag a ticket. 

Assemble Your Squad

You’ll need a minimum of 6 people to form your team. Grab your coworkers, college friends, roommates, etc. – all are welcome to participate in this retro fun. Want to join as an individual? No worries, we can pair you with a team! You might just make some great new friends and have a team to return with next year.

Craft Your Costumes

Let your creativity run wild with costumes! This is the perfect time to dress like your favorite squad of cartoon or tv show characters. There are even opportunities to win bonus points for killer costumes, so definitely plan ahead.

If Cheerleading is Your Thing…

…make sure to grab a Fanatics Ticket! This ticket grants you access to watch all the fun unfold and cheer on your favorite team. You’ll also be able to stick around post-competition to enjoy live music, grab drinks from the bar, and maybe even win some sweet giveaways. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re REALLY committed to winning this thing (which, if you’ve made it this far in the article, I’m guessing you are) get the group together ahead of time and perfect your field day game skills. Below is a rundown of all the games and rules that will be featured this year, so you can get a leg up on the competition who might not be doing their homework

  • Dizzy Bat Flip Cup: This isn’t your college party’s flip cup. One at a time, you’ll spin around the bat for ten rotations, then run 30 feet and last but not least, as the name would suggest, you’ll flip a cup. When you practice, do so for speed and accuracy – it’s a timed race, and your score will be determined by how many cups each team flips (properly!) in order to be the champ of this game. 
  • Tennis Racquet Relay: Focus is key here! You’ll put your multitasking skills to the test as you weave through a maze of cones AND bounce a tennis ball on a racquet. At the finish line, deposit the ball in an empty bin – that is, if you still have it. If you drop the ball, you’ll need to hand the racquet over to the next teammate in line. The object is to collect as many balls in the bin as you can before the clock runs out. 
  • Amazing Bouncing race: Pass a balloon from teammate to teammate, but with your knees. Speed is the element with this game, and if you move quickly you’ll score more. Whoever completes passing the balloon to all eight team members first will win.
  • Beer Pong: It’s your favorite party game, but bigger! Beat the clock and score eight times by throwing the ball into a giant beer pong bucket, positioned 30 feet away. Everyone will shoot just once, moving on to the next person whether or not the ball makes it in, until you reach eight buckets. 
  • Sack Race Relay: Elementary school sack race, meet hula hoop. Put on a sack, hop 30 feet, lose the sack, and finally, complete three revolutions of a hula hoop before you run back to your teammates to pass on the sack.
  • Soaking Wet Sweatpants: I hope you like your teammates because you’ll be soaking a pair of sweatpants in water, run 30 feet out then back and – wait for it – pass those wet pants on to the next person. It’s trickier than it sounds, handoff and all, so have someone volunteer an old pair of sweatpants for practice before Field Day rolls around!

Stay for the Party

When all is said and done, we’re all here for a great time no matter who wins, right? To keep the Field Day festivities going after the champions are crowned, Six String Anthem will perform your favorite 90s and 2000s hits. They’ll be covering well-loved bands like Greenday, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, The Killers, Mumford and Sons, TLC, Paramore and more. Stick around for the fun (the bar will stay open!) and dance into the evening with your teammates to celebrate a job well done.

Ready to snag your tickets? Visit phxfieldday.com and use the code FUN10 for 10% off Field Day entry (not applicable to concert-only tickets). This code is limited to the first 50 people who use it, so act fast, and we’ll see you on the field!

If you’re at Field Day, don’t forget to tag us in all of your awesome pictures by tagging #FrayLife #PhxFray.

PHX Field Day Details

When: Saturday, 2/15, 10am-5pm

Where: Margaret T. Hance Park, 67 W Culver St, Phoenix, AZ

Website/Tickets: phxfieldday.com 

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