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From learning the dos and don’ts of dating apps to navigating arguments with a long-term partner, relationships can be challenging at any stage. The good news is you’re not alone in these struggles, and answers to many of your dating questions are free and available on your favorite streaming service. Dating podcasts provide answers to your common relationship questions and modern dating dilemmas, and might make you laugh while you’re at it.

51 First Dates

Although the name is reminiscent of an Adam Sandler movie, this podcast has nothing to do with trying to woo a woman suffering from short-term memory loss. “51 First Dates” started as a project by two best friends, Kimmy and Liza, to send one of the hosts on 51 different first dates with 51 different men. It has since evolved into a show where the hosts talk about their own dating experiences, as well as dating and relationship culture with experts like sex educators, relationship coaches and former “Bachelorette” contestants. Listen to “51 First Dates” here, and learn more at or follow @51firstdatespod on Instagram.


No relationship is easy, but after listening to “Committed,” yours might look like a walk in the park. This podcast tells the stories of couples who have made it through everything, from surviving terminal illnesses to navigating extreme political differences, and explains how they did it. Host Jo Piazza started the podcast as a newlywed, looking to find out what marriage means in a modern world. Listen to “Committed” here and learn more at

Dateable: Your insider’s look into modern dating

Twelve seasons in, “Dateable” has covered it all. Right now, many episodes focus on Covid’s impact on love and dating. But in the past, hosts Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick have talked long-distance relationships, mental health, online dating and dating fatigue. The show frequently features dating app founders, authors and other experts in the relationship field for a technical look into dating in the modern world. The show just began its 12th season, and new episodes are released every Wednesday. Listen to “Dateable” here and find out more on or @dateablepodcast on Instagram.

Dating Diaries: Questions & Confessions

Covid has changed the way people across the country date, and this podcast was made specifically to explore those adjustments. Each episode features stories from singles who are navigating their own dating lives during the pandemic, and touches on topics like Covid-safe sex, communication and dating from a distance. While the podcast is currently in hiatus, a third season is in the works. Listen to the first two seasons of “Dating Diaries” here, and stay updated on future seasons at and @datingdiariesqc on Instagram.

Girls Gotta Eat

Look no further for a modern guide to dating culture. “Girls Gotta Eat” hosts Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine tackle any and every situation that could come up in dating. With the help of relationship experts and celebrity guests, they unpack intimacy, breakups, marriage, sexting and more. New episodes come out every Saturday. Listen to “Girls Gotta Eat” here, and learn more at or @girlsgottaeatpodcast on Instagram.

Modern Love

“Modern Love” provides bite-sized stories about the complexities, challenges and surprises of love. This podcast is an extension of The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, where people share their stories in the form of essays. On the podcast, essays from the column’s archive are read and afterwards, the author provides commentary and insight into their story – sometimes years later. The most recent season invited new hosts and a new format to the show, but past seasons were read by celebrity guests like Laura DernJake Gyllenhaal and Sandra OhListen to “Modern Love” here, and read The New York Times column here.

Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer of “Nailed It!” fame may have her own Netflix show, but she also has the same dating life trials and tribulations as the rest of us. In her weekly podcast, Byer is joined by a friend or fellow comedian to talk everything dating, relationships and sex. Past episodes have touched on breakups, virtual dating, race and body image, and are full of hilarious stories sure to leave you laughing. “Why Won’t You Date Me?” has been running since 2017, and a new episode comes out every Friday. Listen to “Why Won’t You Date Me?” here, and keep up with Byer on her website or @nicolebyer on Instagram.

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