Lost Frequencies Talks Return to Touring, Firefly Experience + Love for Pizza

Lost Frequencies. Photo courtesy of subject.


We caught up with Lost Frequencies to talk about the ethos behind creating the label Found Frequencies, his experience during the lockdown, and when we can expect him back in the States.

District Fray: What made you want to start your label, Found Frequencies?
Lost Frequencies: For me, it felt like a natural progression of the direction I was heading in. I was listening to so many cool demos, as well as being sent a lot by fans and realized that starting up my own imprint to help build these [artists] up and provide a platform was something I’ve grown really interested in. 

As someone familiar with touring and zigzagging across the world to perform, how was your experience during the shutdown?
It actually felt good to slow down, as I think a lot of DJ’s and producers have felt during these uncertain times. Of course, the pandemic has been hard for everyone across all walks of life, financially, personally, career-wise. I know I’m always very lucky to be able to do what I do and I don’t take that for granted. The focus, for me, pivoted very much to being in the studio and working on new ideas, but I also listened to a lot of new music and that brought light to an uncertain time [and] was something I found inspiration in.

How do festivals compare to a normal touring show?
Festivals are always so much fun and I always love to catch other artists when I can, but it is often difficult with tight schedules and flights to catch. With a festival crowd, you’re not always playing to a specific audience that has come along to see you. So, I like to play with classics and big edits, rather than just a set of originals, to cater to everyone, and hopefully, make people more familiar with the variety of sounds I play if someone hasn’t heard my records or singles.

Did you catch up or meet any of the other performers/bands at Firefly?
I didn’t get a chance to, unfortunately, but I would have loved to catch Billie Eilish — what a talent! — and I’m a fan of so many people on the line-up from Duke Dumont to Rezz and Tame Impala

What’s your go-to festival snack or drink?
A pizza. [It’s] the perfect snack size and portable for the dance floor.

Did you stay for the full Firefly weekend?
I couldn’t but hopefully next time. The line-up this year was crazy and it was a blessing to be invited to play and be part of the event.

Where are you off to next?
Now that things are hopefully getting a lot better post-pandemic (and safely), I’m back on the road and super excited to be playing a lot of headlining and touring shows into the Autumn and Spring. I’ll be playing all over Europe, Dubai and back to my home country of Belgium — but hopefully I’ll be returning to the U.S. with more being announced soon.

Follow Lost Frequencies on Instagram @lostfrequencies and Twitter @LFrequencies. Stream his music on Spotify and Apple music, and listen to his curated “Found Frequencies” Spotify playlist here. To learn more about the Found Frequencies label and signed artists, follow on Instagram @foundfrequencies and Twitter @FoundFreqRec, or visit the website. For Lost Frequencies upcoming tour dates, merch and more, visit lostfrequencies.com.

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