June 2022 PHX Movie Picks

“Crimes of the Future” still.

We’re in a golden age of horror, if I do say so myself. Just this month alone is a prime example. David Cronenberg is diving back into his body horror bread and butter. Ethan Hawke is playing a serial killer. Female director Chloe Okuno’s film is getting a wide release. The horror gods have laid out a feast for us and we’re eating good.

While there are some incredible new horror releases hitting Phoenix this month, there are also some amazing genre retrospective screenings, too. So let’s get spooky with some of June’s best horror screenings, old and new, happening in and around Phoenix.

Opens 6.2

“Crimes of the Future”

Psychosexual body horror genius David Cronenberg returns to his goopy form in his latest film “Crimes of the Future.” Viggo Mortensen stars as a performance artist who undergoes surgery for audiences to showcase the transformation of his organs, with the help of his assistant played by Lea Seydoux. Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart, who plays an agent from the National Organ Registry investigates them and a mysterious plot to take human evolution to the next level. Rated R.


Director Chloe Okuno makes her feature film debut with the tense psychological horror “Watcher” starring genre superstar Maika Monroe. She plays Julia, an American woman who’s just moved to Bucharest with her boyfriend. While he goes to work, she stays at home, trying to learn the language and carve out a place for herself here. But, a serial killer is stalking the city. And Julia thinks she may be the next victim. Not Rated.


The Craft” at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter Theatre

“The Craft” is a quintessential goth 1990s film, convincing many of us that we ourselves at witches. Fairuza Balk leads a band of misfits who each have their own selfish reasons for wanting to access the darker side of magic. When new girl Sarah (Robin Tunney) arrives, they realize she may just be the key to achieving their deepest desires. Neve Campbell and Rachel True also star in this 90s teen horror. Rated R. Landmark Scottsdale Quarter Theatre: 15257 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 230, Scottsdale, AZ; landmarktheatres.com/scottsdale/scottsdale-quarter-theatre


“They Live” at Harkins Theaters

John Carpenter’s 1988 film stars Roddy Piper as a disillusioned man who discovers a pair of sunglasses that reveal the truth: humanity is under the control of aliens. He realizes that the government and media are controlled by these beings who want nothing more than to dominate the human race. So, of course, he tries to save the world. The film also features an iconic fight scene between Piper and Keith David. Rated R. Harkins Theaters; harkins.com

Opens 6.24

“The Black Phone”

Adapted from Joe Hill’s short story NAME, Scott Derrickson (“Sinister”, “Doctor Strange”) brings the horrors from page to screen. Finney (newcomer Mason Thames) is a shy young boy abducted by a horrific serial killer (Ethan Hawke). While trapped in the killer’s basement, a disconnected phone starts to ring and the ghosts of past victims try to help Finney escape. Not Rated.

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