INWEGO Brings City Experiences At Reasonable Price

Between the beauty of nature that Phoenix offers its residents and guests from around the world, there’s more in the city than meets the eye. INWEGO, a newly created subscription-based app has hit the market to give natives and transients the opportunity to experience the city life at its finest with an acceptable price tag. 

PHX Fray sat down with general manager of INWEGO Chris LeCraw, to get the inside scoop on the game-changing app that can turn your mundane weekend into a memorable practice. 

PHX Fray: What sparked the initial idea for INWEGO?
Chris LeCraw: We saw a trend in the consumer marketplace to subscriptions in general, such as Netflix and Spotify, and over the last five or six years you start to see everything from clothing to food to kids toys, and subscriptions are becoming a newer and engaging way to deliver services and goods. We saw a gap in the events subscription, and by bringing a lot of different needs together in one place we thought we could deliver a one-stop-shop new discovery experience for people to find things to do in their city. 

PF: If you could pin-point one main purpose for INWEGO, what would it be?
CL: Feeding off the one-stop-shop mentality, we want it to be the best way for people to both discover and attend the fun things in their city. 

PF: What is the benefit of using INWEGO?
CL: We find that people get a lot of value from attending things for the first time [that] they may not have otherwise experienced, that’s one of the primary values. On top of that, just the way you can link your tickets with friends and invite guests, and if your plans change it [INWEGO] gives you the opportunity to let go of your tickets. I think all of that social flexibility is something that we try to do really well. 

PF: What’s next for INWEGO? Are there any plans or changes we can see happening in the coming months?
CL: It’s good timing because we actually just released a pretty big new feature that we’re excited about, our Plus One plan. We heard feedback from customers and now have the ability for the user to essentially have two memberships at once so that way there is more flexibility to take different people. In the coming months we’re going to try to continue to expand on that, and we’ll get feedback and find ways to make it work as best as we can while still trying to focus on getting that out.

PF: What would you like to see from INWEGO by the end of the year?
CL: We would love to see this new Plus One feature really impact a lot of people in a positive way, so we’d love to see a lot of new people on the app. 

PF: What are your personal favorite events to attend, search for?
CL: Personally, I’m a big foodie and I like to be outside, so I love the experiences that bring people together, so something like a craft beer, barbecue or an oyster festival. I personally like the food and drink things the best. I’d say second to that, I enjoy concerts at smaller venues that are more intimate places. 

PF: What has been the most rewarding aspect about launching INWEGO?
CL: We love hearing from customers and we’re constantly trying to listen to them and interact with them through social media and through our own line of communication. I think connecting people to these experiences for the first time and watching those experiences stick with them and become a part of their fan energy, that’s the most rewarding thing from my perspective. 

PF: If you could give a pro tip to a first time user of INWEGO, what would it be?
CL: I would say, don’t be afraid to try something completely new. We love the newness of it. That’s pro tip 1.A, and pro tip 1.B is bring one of your friends with you. 

PF: Is there anything else you would like us to know?
CL: We love trying to find the best things in the city and sometimes the best way to do that is to hear directly from our members themselves. So if people know of things going on that are maybe not in the app or they themselves know someone in the event industry, we love getting direct ideas and direct matching from our members, because they’re the ones using the product in their city we’re very receptive to that type of feedback and always want to do our best to get those events in the app right away. 

For more information about INWEGO and its services, visit here. Use code PHXFRAY to try INWEGO for FREE at the 5 events level, a $39 value.

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