Zipps vs Natives: One Wing to Rule Them All… AKA Who Has the Best Wings in Phoenix?



Who Has the Best Wings in Phoenix?

The sports world is packed with epic rivalries. These rivalries are so heated and filled with vitriol that even casual bystanders must pick a side. Yes, we all know about the Yankees vs. Red Sox and the Packers vs. Bears. Here in Phoenix, however, there’s a different kind of rivalry that brings the heat. Yes, we’re talking about the rivalry between Zipps and Native.

Zipps and Native have a longstanding rivalry for sports bar supremacy. Behind their epic feud is a never ending quest to claim the title of best hot wing. They’re like rival houses in Game of Thrones, only replace wars and deceit with happy hour specials and good service. Both establishments have some seriously tasty wings. But which wing is truly best? And are there any other potential claims to the throne? We investigate here.

Native Grill & Wings

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In the search for the best wings in Phoenix, we have to start with the original heavy hitter. The original “Native New Yorker” dates all the way back to 1978. Native already has a leg up on the competition when it comes to authenticy (their owners are actually from Buffalo, New York).

Native’s crispy wings come in 20 different flavors. Yes, you’ll find standard offerings like hot and BBQ. But their other flavors are no joke. Asiago parmesan, spicy honey mustard, and the dry rub lemon pepper are all crowd pleasers. Really, though, the ultimate wing combination is an order of hot & honey hot. The sweet/hot flavor pairing is the perfect mix of tasty and spicy.

Native’s bite-sized wings are best enjoyed in bulk. Order at least a dozen for the true Native experience.

#FrayLife Tip: Go on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for specials on traditional wings, boneless wings, and strippers.

Zipps Sports Grill

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Zipps will forever go down in the pantheon of happy hour greatness. There’s no denying that their specials on beer, appetizers, and wings rival any other sports bar in the Valley. You might expect a well-priced establishment to offer standard “bar food” wings. Au contraire.

#FrayLife Tip: Go to Zipps between 3-7pm M-F for an $8 order of wings.

Zipps doesn’t have the flavor variety of Native. But don’t let that fool you. Zipps’ wings can more than hold their own in terms of value, taste, and spice. Zipps offers two main types of wings: golden and buffalo. Each are available in varying levels of heat from mild to extra hot. Plus, Zipps’ wings are far meatier than the bite-sized offerings at Native.

But what about flavor? A true Zipps patron knows to get their wings golden medium style. The golden sauce is a sweeter twist on traditional buffalo, while the medium sauce is spicy enough to qualify as hot at any other establishment. Wash the wings down with a tall 32-ounce draft and you might just experience sports bar nirvana.

ATL Wings

Photo Credit: Phoenix New Times

Native and Zipps may have the best wings in Phoenix. But there’s a new restaurant that is seriously threatening their title: ATL Wings.

ATL Wings brings a spicy taste of the South to the Valley. This upstart franchise has earned a Valleywide reputation in a few short years thanks to their seriously tasty wings. They offer nearly two dozen flavors smothered in dry rub, BBQ, or red hot sauce.

For the true ATL experience, order up some ATL style wings. This dry rub is crispy, perfectly seasoned, and oh so delicious. Feeling bold? Get the spicy ATL for an extra punch of spice. These wings have earned a spot among the Valley’s best.

#FrayLife Tip: Wings are $0.50  on Wing Tuesday every week.



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