A Conversation with Fashion Designer Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint. Photo courtesy of subject.


We caught up with fashion designer Sarah Flint to chat about the evolution of her clothing brand.

District Fray: What is the “Sarah Flint” brand’s story? 
Sarah Flint: I launched the brand in 2013 at the age of 25 with a design ethos centered around style without sacrifice; transparently, I was frustrated with the reality that women were always forced to choose between feeling good and looking great. In the fall of 2017, “Sarah Flint” transitioned from a traditional wholesale model to entirely direct-to-consumer, allowing me to offer customers the best possible price-to-value ratio in the market. We opened our first-ever NYC pop-up in fall 2019, incorporating décor from “Sarah [Flint]’s” favorite female-founded companies, along with events, workshops and an on-site cobbler readily available to fix customers’ gently worn shoes.

A part of your brand is “style without sacrifice.” Can you expand on that?
Now more than ever, people are looking for flexibility in all facets of life. “Sarah Flint” was born of the belief that women should never have to choose between comfort and style. Manufacturing in the world’s best factories outside of Milan, our brand “Flint” marries artisanal quality and innovative, comfort-driven design with functional elements to improve fit and durability.

What inspires your designs, especially in this most recent collection?
The most recent collection, titled “Autumn in Avignon,” was inspired by a trip to Avignon, France. I was drawn to its architectural beauty and historic importance. Avignon was the capital of the papacy from 1309-1377, and the Pope’s Palace there is a gorgeous example of Gothic design. Twice a year, the city also hosts one of the most famous antique fairs in the world, which was so inspiring to see since I gather a lot of ideas from interiors.

What’s your perspective on the importance of by-women-for-women businesses?
I believe women are often best positioned to dress other women and it excites me that now, more than ever, women are at the helm of some of the most creative and iconic brands and houses of our time.

What do you love about designing shoes? 
I love seeing an idea come to life in a 3D object. It’s such a special feeling to see the product on customers for the first time. It’s truly a fun experience from start to finish.

Which is your favorite design at the moment, and why?
It’s hard to choose. I’m in love with all of the designs from our most recent “Autumn in Avignon” collection. We recently launched a few of our classic styles in a limited-edition Pierre Frey Balmoral Blue fabric. I was inspired to collaborate with Pierre Frey, the main French company in the home textiles sector, after my trip to La Mirande, a boutique hotel in Avignon, France which features Pierre Frey textiles and wall coverings. The Balmoral Blue print features flowers scattered inside diamond-shaped ribbons, placed in staggered rows on a background of small white leaves. Styles featuring the new Pierre Frey Balmoral Blue fabric include the Perfect Pump 85Emma SlingKim FlatKirsten Headband and Holly Barrette. The beautiful blue print adds the perfect pop of color to any neutral or monochromatic fall outfit.

Any upcoming collaborations we should know about? 
For the month of September, we’ve partnered with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation on their #BeKind2021 initiative, a movement which calls on the public to practice an act of kindness each day from September 1-21. Sarah Flint is participating in #BeKind21 with a donation of 500 pairs of shoes to Born This Way Foundation. 100% of proceeds from The Starry Natalie, a fully beaded shoe inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, will benefit the foundation. Separately, we have an exciting upcoming homeware collaboration that fans of the brand and dinner party enthusiasts alike can look out for next month.

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