5 Tips to Surviving the Scottsdale Pajama Jam Bar Crawl



Bar crawl season is among us, and we hope you’re planning to attend our Scottsdale Pajama Jam Bar Crawl on November 16! You should start preparing now to ensure maximum enjoyment and minimum damages– nobody wants to be that person.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to give you our tips for mastering the upcoming crawl and ending the night with most of your dignity intact.

1. Dress comfortably

This is a pajama bar crawl, so we kind of took care of this one for you (you’re welcome!) but still exercise common sense with comfortable shoes and warm clothes. 

2. Buy your tickets early

Nobody likes overpaying! Planning ahead is hard, but trust us on this one. Buy your ticket before November 16 and you’ll save $6, which is basically an extra drink ON TOP of the five that are included in your ticket price.

3. EAT. 

Eat breakfast. Eat lunch before arriving at the first stop. Maybe bring a granola bar. And definitely take advantage of Boondock’s happy hour pricing on their delicious food. 

4. Drink water

Prevailing wisdom says for every drink, have a glass of water. It will save you from over-drinking (those shots can add up quickly), so keep hydrated and prevent a hangover. 

5. Keep your phone charged

Whether it’s utilizing low battery mode, bringing a portable charger, refraining from oversharing on social media (unless you’re tagging @phxfray!) or talking to the people around you, make sure to keep your phone alive. You’ll need to take a roll call of your friends at the end of the night and order your Uber or Lyft for a safe ride home. 

6. Have fun

Take this opportunity to make new friends, enjoy new bars and of course, drink some great booze! 

Be sure to get your tickets soon, and we’ll see you at the Scottsdale Pajama Jam Bar Crawl on November 16!

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