PHX Fray Photography Guidelines

PHX Fray photographers are expected to spend 1-2 hours taking photos of our players as they play in our leagues.
Ideally, we would like to see 40-75 of your best photos from a nights shoot. Great imagery helps Fray maintain a consistent voice and tone in its marketing collateral.

Here are some guidelines to ensure you are capturing image assets that we can use in our marketing campaigns.

Team Photos

Taking a variety of team photos and coordinating group huddles is highly encouraged.
It is preferred to have these photos taken from a wide angle, thus allowing the marketing team to crop the image as needed.

Smiling Players

With a core mission of making fun possible, great photographs of smiling players go along way.
Embrace shots that are posed but not staged, & share moments of connection and positivity.

Sport Action Shots

Focus on a isolated moment in time, using a selective focus. Show the first-person perspective, like getting the highlights reel of someone’s personal memory & nostalgia.

Candid Moments

Fray is always looking for great candid images. Thus captured without creating a posed appearance, & by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.