How to Run (& Survive) in Phx This Summer



Phoenix is a runner’s paradise. The endless sunshine, scenic mountains, and beautiful sunsets make it easy to lace up your running shoes no matter the day…for nine months out of the year.

That all changes the second summer hits, but living the #FrayLife means not giving up on your fitness goals or love of the outdoors just because the temperatures spike to 110+ (…or 120+).

Check out our guide below for 3 options that will help you keep logging miles this summer (and survive to see the fall):

Arizona Road Racers

We could all use a good running buddy. But what about 1200 running buddies? Stay motivated this summer by joining Arizona Road Racers. Not only is it the oldest running club in all of Arizona, it’s also the largest.

ARR stages races for runners of all skill levels, no matter the time of year. You can get your competitive juices flowing by enrolling in the ARR Summer Series. It’s a series of five races held throughout the summer beginning at the end of May.

Worried about the heat? The races start promptly at 6:30 a.m. The early bird gets the worm…or at least avoids the brutal Phoenix heat for a few hours.

Fray Life Tip: Complete at least four races and you’ll be considered for the Summer Series Grand Prix awards.

Sole Sports Running Zone

You can’t call yourself a Phoenix runner until you’ve been to Sole Sports. This nationally recognized store equips local runners with everything they need for training, racing, and everything in between.

Sole Sports also hosts a community of dedicated runners on group runs. The group runs start and finish at each of their three Valley storefronts. Each store has running groups ranging from 7 to 11 minute miles. You can join up with Sole Sports’ running club at 6:00 a.m. on Saturdays during the summer.

Fray Life Tip: Sole Sports also hosts evening runs in the summer. Check out their website to view the schedule by location.

The Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center

Photo Credit: Dick & Fritsche Design Group

Running outside is great. But there’s no substitute for the sweet, sweet feel of air conditioning on your face. There’s no shortage of gyms around the Valley where runners can get their daily AC fix. For serious runners, however, hitting the treadmill can be a bore. Besides, who wants to run in place for an hour?

You can opt for an indoor track by visiting Kroc Corps Community Center. It’s run by the Salvation Army and is located off Broadway Road near South Mountain.

The massive fitness center includes a 200-meter second story running and walking track. Access to the fitness center is $10 per day, but it’s a small price to pay for access to a runnable track in the dog days of summer.

Fray Life Tip: Want to make repeat visits? Grab a monthly membership instead. They range from $32 to $41 for adults. They also have family deals and discounts for seniors and teens.

Where do you go in the summer when you want to get your run on without being stuck on the treadmill? Leave a comment letting us know what to add to our list.

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