Ready, Set, Spike at the #PHXFray Holiday Volleyball Tournament



Ready to play hard? #PHXFray is hosting our Pumpkin Spike Volleyball Tournament on November 23, and we wanna see you there. This pre-Thanksgiving tournament is the perfect event to kick off the holiday season. 

If you’re pumpkin spiced out, check out our reasons below to pumpkin spike instead. 

The weather is GOLDEN

Remember those summer heat waves that made us wonder why we choose to live in a city like Phoenix? Those times are over! We can go back to loving our city and enjoying the outdoors. 70-ish degrees? Sounds like perfect volleyball weather to us.

Your team will play at least three games 

Each team is guaranteed three games and a whole lot of fun! Plus, there is a good chance we’ll have extra time for even more rounds. No promises, but we’ll do our best. Regardless, you and your pals can stick around afterward to bump and spike! 

You can sign up with a group or by yourself

Making friends is hard! That’s why we make sure it’s easy to sign up as an individual AND as a group. It’s up to you! If your friends aren’t feeling it (which they should be) or if you’re new to the area, you can still be a part of the Pumpkin Spike Tournament. What better way to make a few new pals? 

Try out Fray without the full season commitment

Even if you can’t commit to a six-week season, you can still get in on the fun with our holiday volleyball tournament! This is your chance to jump in and play without having to plan ahead too much. You might even decide to join the next full season after realizing how much fun you’re having! 

Get fit before the holidays! 

If we work out for the next few weeks, then we can splurge during the holidays, right? It’s hard to keep up with a strict diet and exercise regimen when Thanksgiving dinner looks so yummy! Feel good about signing up for this active event and prepare for the next few weeks of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie

Bragging rights could be yours

Want PHX Fray bragging rights to being the best volleyball team? This is your opportunity to win the first volleyball tournament we’ve ever done! You’ll be playing against people from different leagues, which means the winning team will be named the best of the best. 

Check out unique vendors 

We’ve invited some awesome local businesses to come hang with us! You can check out vendors between games for tasty snacks and fun souvenirs.

Remember, this weather won’t last forever, and you deserve some playtime after working so hard. Tag us on social media at #FrayLife #PHXFray looking your Fray best at our tournament. We can’t wait to see you there!

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