Our Mission:

At PHX Fray we’re on a mission to make fun possible. Through social sports leagues and special events, we help you connect with friends, making new ones and play more often. All of our leagues, policies & rules are built to support the #FrayLife mission!

 Teams will play 6 vs 6 and are required to have at least 7 players on their rosters. A minimum of 2 females on the court at all times. We welcome free agents and small groups and will do our best to match players to teams! Please keep in mind that this is a COED division when registering. We do have free agents that join but please do not rely on FAs of one gender to be added to your team to fill it out. :)

Games will be played on Thursday nights, starting on May 9th, with a 6-week season and one to two weeks of playoffs.

Players have 4 easy ways to get in on the action.

  • Create a Group/Team (Choose your group name and the max numbers you plan on having)
  • Join a Group (People who want to play together, but don't have enough to field a full team)
  • Join a Team
  • Join as a Free Agent (Sign up by yourself to be placed in a group to meet other AWESOME People!)

Free Agents: We encourage players who want to play but do not have a team/group to join to still play with us! Registered and paid Free Agents are able to be picked up by Captains during registration or will be placed on to a team by the league once registration closes.

*Volleyball teams average 10-12 players per team, please take that into consideration when forming your group/team*


**Due to supply chain issues during Covid, T-shirt colors are not guaranteed. You may select a team color, but if not in stock, Fray will choose the next closest color available.**

Important Dates

*If you are missing a shirt, you must email [email protected] by the start of your game on WEEK #3 otherwise it will not be ordered*

05/09 - Week 1
05/16 - Week 2 (T-Shirt Week)
05/23 - Week 3 (Late/Missing T-Shirt Deadline)
05/30 - Week 4
06/06 - Week 5
06/13 - Week 6
06/20 - Week 7 (Tentative Playoff Week)

Dates subject to change based on permits, availability and other league logistics.