Content Contributors Process

How It Works

Step 1: Please pitch us 3-5 article ideas using our Media Framework as a guide

Set up Google Form for submissions

Step 2: We let you know which one(s) to move forward with and set your publication date(s)

Step 3: First draft due 2 weeks before publication*

Step 4: We provide feedback/revisions within 2 days

Step 5: Final draft due 1 week before publication.

  • Articles must be submitted via Google Docs along with images 2-3 images minimum (more is always better).
  • You must provide either original photography or obtain written permission to use 3rd party imagery.

Step 6: We publish the post and send you the link so you can share it



Starting at $25 per 500 word article**

* Content must be original and cannot be duplicated from or republished by other outlets

** Dependent on experience.

Media Framework

Each article must follow the #FrayLife media framework. When planning all content pitches, we ask that your please clearly identify the following prior to writing.

Questions? Email Us @: [email protected]