Our Mission:

At PHX Fray we're on a mission to make FUN possible. Through social sports leagues and special events, membership offerings and fun experiences we help you connect with your friends, make new ones and to play more often. 

All of our leagues, policies & rules are built to support the #FrayLife mission!

PHX Fray Bowling Leagues 411:

All fun games have some rules and guidelines. Check out our quick links below for full Rules, Roster Management & and our FAQ. 

  • The season kicks off on Wednesday, July 10th. 
  • The game format will be 2 teams versus one another each week. Your team bowls 2 complete games of play (games start at 7pm) then the cumulative score of the best 4 bowlers from your best 1 game will determine the winner each week!
  • AMF Tempe Village Lanes will be hooking it up with $3 domestic bottles, house wine & liquor for all our players! So during and after your games you can relax and enjoy a drink right by your lanes!
  • There are no gender requirements for this league.

Registration & Roster Management Tips:

There are a couple key items to know to help your registration run smoothly. Read below to be an expert at having fun.

Players have 3 easy ways to get in on the action:

  1. Create a Group: Groups become teams if // when they reach roster promotion size.
  2. Join a Group or Team: Help your team reach promotion size!
  3. Join as a Free Agent: Fray will place you on a roster of other AWESOME People!

Please take into consideration the official roster promotion size for your league when forming your group/team. 

Players may prepay for additional roster spots to reach the maximum roster size and lock your roster if desired.

Fray reserves the right to place or not place players on to teams that do not reach the official team roster size. Team rosters that include free agents or small groups may be slightly larger than the sports official roster promotion size.

Fray does not issue refunds unless a league is canceled or players are unable to be accommodated in league play. 

An Incomplete roster is not grounds for a refund. Groups and free agents will be merged together to form viable teams. There is a lot of organization that goes into running great leagues and we appreciate your flexibility in allowing us to make FUN possible! 

All leagues details; day, time, location, etc are provisional and are subject to the availability of final issued permits. 

Important Dates

*If you are missing a shirt, you must email [email protected] by the start of your game on WEEK #3 otherwise it will not be ordered*

07/10 - Week 1
07/17 - Week 2 (T-Shirt Week)
07/24 - Week 3 (Late/Missing T-Shirt Deadline)
07/31 - Week 4
08/07 - Week 5
08/14 - Week 6 (Regular Season Finale)
08/21 - Week 7 (Tentative Playoff Week)

Dates subject to change based on permits, availability and other league logistics. Due to global supply chain issues Fray may have to change your shirt color and/or size.